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When you thought we had it all, Troy Waller Autobody is here to offer even more.

As your premier auto body shop in Fort Dodge, IA, we also have access to every auto product brand on the market, including car audio products, remote starters, and more.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your sound system or elevate your vehicle security, we can get what you need in two days or less. We also have highly-skilled installers with efficient and prompt delivery that can accommodate your needs from a simple in-dash camera to a complete custom-built package. From auto body service and repair to accessories and upgrades, we have it all.

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Accelerate Your Vehicle Interior

When it comes to upgrading your ride, you want the best for your interior, including audio and even video at times. At Troy Waller Autobody, we offer the best brands on the market to bring you the experience you desire for your drive.


When it comes to upgrading your ride, you want the best for your interior, including audio and even video at times. At Troy Waller Autobody, we offer the best brands on the market to bring you the experience you desire for your drive.

Power Bass

Power Bass is one of the leading brands in the electronic entertainment industry with a combined 20 years of experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing. If you’re in search of clean, crispy, and explosive sound, count on Power Bass to get you through your highway drive.


From subwoofers and speakers to amplifiers and navigation systems, Pioneer Electronics is there to deliver it all. At Troy Waller Autobody, we like to provide you with an array of options for optimum media entertainment on your ride.

Lightning Audio


There’s a reason Compustar is leading the industry of remote starter and vehicle security systems. When you’re out on the road, you want to feel protected and secure. At Troy Waller Autobody, we are the only licensed dealer in the region to carry Compustar, leading us to receive dealer of the year for Compustar sales and service excellence. You can utilize Compustar’s products in your truck, boat, golf cart, motorcycle, and more.

Remote Starters

Stay in control of your vehicle with manual-safe and diesel-safe starting, keyless entry, customizable runtimes, siren alarms, and LED theft deterrent with remote starters from Compustar. The screen display shows your vehicle’s status and keeps you informed on break-ins, door locks, and even audible descriptions of the action. There are different types we carry, including:
  • Prime G15 1-Way – $350.00
    • (2) 4 button remotes included
    • Water resistant
  • T9 RFX with LTE – $400.00
    • (1) LCD 2-way FMX remote
    • (1) Drone X1-LTE 30 free trial
    • Secondary Remote – $40.00
  • PRIME 901 – $450.00
    • (1) LCD 2-way Spread Spectrum Remote
    • (1) 4 button 1-way remote
    • Add Drone – 50.00 ($2.99/month with 5 year agreement)

Dash Cam

The Compustar DASH is the high-definition digital recorder you need when you’re on the road. You can install two 720p cameras in the front and rear of your vehicle to capture any accident or issue happening behind or in front of you. Protect yourself from theft, false accident claims, and more with this dual dash cam that records your surroundings.

Drone Mobile

Stay connected with the Drone Mobile app that allows you the same features of your remote starter, but through your phone. You have two options for packages with Drone Mobile. The Basic package, being $5.99 a month, includes a simple remote start, keyless entry, auxiliary ½, alarm alerts, and a lifetime warranty. The Premium package, being $11.99 a month, includes all of the Basic package features plus GPS tracking, live tracking, speed notifications, and zone notifications. With Drone Mobile, you can also get your first 30 days of service for free!
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Club Car Products

Since 1958, Club Car has been a leading manufacturer in quality carts, utility vehicles, and accessories. At Troy Waller Autobody, we trust reputation and experience to deliver to our customers, and that’s why we choose brands that value innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. The Club Car product portfolio includes:
  • Golf carts
  • Commercial utility vehicles
  • Multi-passenger shuttle vehicles
  • Rough-terrain vehicles
  • Off-road utility vehicles
Troy Waller Autobody is proud to carry Club Car because of their environmentally-cautious practices and technologies. Their electric vehicles offer a cleaner and quieter alternative to gas without sacrificing performance. We are here to guide and support you through your Club Car purchase.

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